How can we reduce armed violence in Asia Pacific and promote development?

At the Geneva Declaration Regional Review Conference for Asia Pacific, 8-9 October, Manila, the Philippines, GAAV shared recommendations from civil society organisations in Asia Pacific to reduce armed violence and promote development. Read the civil society statement.
The event brought together around 130 senior government representatives, decision-makers, technical experts, and practitioners from various sectors to review the implementation of the Geneva Declaration principles and to discuss integration of armed violence reduction into the post-2015 development agenda. Civil society played a key role at this dynamic forum, showcasing rich experiences and best practices across the region.

The following topics were discussed during the RRC:
  • Current challenges to armed violence reduction and prevention;
  • Dimensions of armed violence and insecurity in Asia and the Pacific;
  • From data collection to action: using data for action and measuring results;
  • Cities as actors of armed violence prevention and reduction (AVPR);
  • The Role of National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security in Preventing and Reducing Armed Violence;
  • Armed violence reduction within the post-2015 agenda;
  • Community-based conflict prevention and conflict resolution strategies and approaches;
  • Youth as a change factor;
  • The importance of security and justice providers for peace and development;
  • Armed violence reduction in post-conflict situations: between disarmament and development;
  • The role of media in armed violence reduction and prevention (AVRP) and development;
  • Controlling the tools of violence; and
  • Women and Dialogue.

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